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You’re here because you want to learn how to write an email that sells or your current email copy isn’t converting. Nailing your email strategy is both an art and science built on an understanding of how to create high-converting copy. After all, the average person deletes 48% of emails they receive every day. Your emails need to stand out and encourage your subscribers to act.

The good news? By the time you’ve finished reading this simple guide to writing an email that sells, you’ll have all the juicy secrets to grabbing your readers’ attention and improving conversions from your email marketing efforts. Both of which will produce more leads and (drumroll please) more sales!

Sales starts with an irresistible subject line

Subject lines sell. In fact, 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. Your audience will only feel compelled to open your emails if they know it’ll benefit them.

You’ll have wasted so much time writing amazing email copy if people skim over and past your subject line. Craft a subject line that will get your subscribers stoked and eager to read more. Subject lines that ask questions, include numbers, a startling fact, or touch on your reader’s pain point tend to perform well.

Why so serious?

Who likes droning, mind-numbing corporate-speak? Not me and probably not you. Write your email messages like you would talk to a trusted friend or colleague. Win over your subscribers by simplifying your vocabulary, keeping the tone conversational and friendly, and consider using first and second person terms like ‘Me’ and ‘You.’

Include a call-to-action that excites

Why beat around the bush? Don’t be shy. What do you want your subscribers to do? If you want to write an email that sells, you need to include a clear ask in every email message. Don’t be afraid to assert your authority so your audience gets exactly what they want and you’re one step closer to achieving your email conversion goals.

When it comes to crafting an effective call to action, less is more. Simple, short and strong action words like “Sign up,” “Start now,” “Download,” “Buy,” and “Reserve” are the most effective. Though your email CTAs need to cut to the chase, they also need to be compelling enough to urge your recipients to take action.

Keep your email message short and skimmable

In today’s information overload world, your audience has a lot of choices. In response, you have to make your content easy to consume and act on. When writing email copy, ask yourself this: Can my subscribers understand my message in 10 seconds or less? That’s it. That’s all the time you have to convince your readers to act.

Here are three tips to format your email body for skimmers:

  • Keep your main points bolded and bulleted
  • Keep your sentences short
  • Make your ask clear and simple

Still stumped?

Writing an email that sells doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t forget to keep the customer front and center of every conversation and prove that you value their time and business.

If still you’re stumped on how to craft killer sales emails that convert for your small business, let’s hop on a quick call and we’ll form a sound strategy to get you on the right track!

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