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Content marketing requires good writing and good writing ain’t easy, ya’ll. A seasoned writer brings a combination of soft and hard skills to the job. They are grammatical savants, romantic wordsmiths, savvy researchers and fantastical storytellers all rolled into one. Copywriting, however, strays from the umbrella term of content. Copywriters usually focus on the words related to sales and brand-building (i.e: website copy, video scripts, ad copy, social media copy, etc.) as opposed to content created on a rolling basis (i.e: blog posts, ebooks, online courses, etc.). Powerful copy will capture your audience’s attention and drive them to take action. Here are 9 situations you should hire a copywriter for:

Your current web copy doesn’t align with your brand

Do you feel confident when people land on your website? Will your dream client or customer get a clear snapshot of who you are, your mission, and how you can solve their problem with your product or service? If you didn’t respond to either of those questions with an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!” it’s time to consult with a pro.

You don’t have time to create content

Did you know you’re 13 times more likely to see positive ROI when you prioritize content marketing? Believe it. In this day and age, content reigns king. It needs to be a focal point in your marketing plan. Churning out content on an inconsistent schedule won’t cut it. A professional copywriter will keep a steady stream of content flowing through your website and marketing channels.

Maintaining an online presence takes time. As a stressed-out business owner, time is a precious commodity for you. Sound like you? Call a copywriter to your side to help carry your campaigns over the finish line.

Developing content takes you too long

Even if you’re a master wordsmith, investing hours into getting the job done is a hard pill to swallow. Furthermore, if you’re a small business owner, chances are other priorities on your to-do list are going neglected. You can feel confident passing the torch to a copywriter who will continue producing attention-grabbing content. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on putting out the daily fires that crop up in your business. “But, Ash, I love writing!” I’m right there with you, but even I get burnt out if I don’t take breaks and focus on other business tasks. Let a pro take the reigns while you ensure your customers or clients are being tended to.

You’re targeting the wrong audience

Even if you think you know how to talk to your customers and prospects, sometimes you can’t seem to capture high-quality leads and engagement. The secret sauce to writing copy that converts is knowing what information to provide and what information to steer clear of. Don’t expend unnecessary energy chasing dead-end leads. Hire a copywriter who knows this game like the back of their hand to save you time and wasted energy.

You’re putting too much emphasis on features instead of benefits

Benefits over features. That’s copywriting 101. Hard truth moment: That carbon fiber trekking pole may look sexy but your customer doesn’t care how it will make them look on the trail. How is your product providing a solution to your customer’s problem? Do your cork handles absorb moisture from super sweaty hands? Are your poles easily collapsible for convenient storage? Can they withstand the impact from thousands of rocks and tree trunks to aid the user against unnecessary wear and tear on their joints? Sometimes a pair of outside eyes is what you need to capture and communicate your most important benefits.

You need expertise on a specific niche

You’re out here pushing out blog content that converts, but you need an expert to craft a clear, concise and compelling landing page for your latest offer. Whether you have plans to launch a new course, webinar or workbook or want to breathe new life into an old offering, hiring a copywriter will ensure that you’re priming your audience to be ready for that offer. It will also give you more confidence that once they’re ready, they’ll land on a page and be supplied emails that move them to make a buying decision.

You need help repurposing content

Copywriting doesn’t only extend to web content and ad copy, but also creating ideas for multiple formats. You can hire a copywriter who will repurpose valuable information to create infographics, videos, and images that help drive engagement on your social channels and website. This is a great way to cover all your bases, let your audience choose how they wish to consume their content, and save you time in the long-run brainstorming and implementing content ideas.

You hate writing

You’ve had a rough day, you’re sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, snuggled up with your pet, ready to binge your next TV show when suddenly you remember you have to write your next month’s worth of social media content. Here come the tears. This is officially the worst day ever. If you’re struggling to develop an idea that will generate engagement and prompt action from your audience, it’s time to call up a pro. 91% of customers want authenticity from brands they follow on social media. A passionate marketer and copywriter who lives for weaving words will keep your content fresh, authentic and interesting.

Your current website copy is collecting dust

If your business has been around for any length of time, things have definitely changed. Even if you haven’t changed your services or products altogether, you’ve refined your process and added value for your customers. That needs to be infused into your message. In addition, a good copywriter can produce consistently fresh, high-performing content for your web pages, keeping duplicates out of circulation and making your site a Google-approved and ranked page.

I would love to help you find your voice to produce meaningful copy for your brand.

Get to know more about me here, or better yet, if you’re ready to hire a copywriter for your small business, reach out to schedule a 30-minute consultation call today and we’ll wow your audience together.

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