Pardon the mess, I’m sprucing up camp!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your outdoor business got as much time in the sun as you?

Join me around the campfire for a quick sec?

Hi there! I’m Ash. The Joshua Tree-loving word nerd behind Alpine Start Creative.

I elevate outdoorsy brands from sea level to summit through wildly good copywriting, content and social media strategy. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here because the Alpine Start story actually begins in the summer of 1999.

My grandparents loaded me into their 1992 Ford Econoline for my first camping trip to Lake George, New York. The mountains carved a home in my heart that Labor Day weekend. And even as a doe-eyed little girl, I was intuitive enough to know those roots would remain for a lifetime.

Flash forward to 2016. I’m a green, young professional already disillusioned with the 9-to-5 grind. I craved a life not dictated by the endless rat race.

How could I balance a love for the great outdoors with my passion for helping small businesses thrive in the digital wilds? It wasn’t hard to figure out the next step.

I launched Alpine Start Creative in 2020, and since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most inspiring small business owners and creatives in the outdoor industry.

And now? I’m just excited you’re here!

Schedule a virtual meet ‘n greet below to discuss how I can elevate your outdoor brand today.

Were all guided by an inner compass.

This is my true north.


I’m wild about sharing a story your audience can rally behind. The foundation of my work revolves around bridging the gap between you and your dream customer by amplifying what makes your brand oh so amazing from the inside out.


How does your product or service positively impact change in the outdoor community? We’ll nurture a group of brand advocates who believe in your vision as passionately as you do.


An expedition leader isn’t much use without a team to guide. Just like any summit bid, a successful project entails clear communication, mutual trust and collaboration.

We already share a love for the outdoors. So, thats a great start. Here’s a few other signs our trails were meant to cross…


You’re someone who understands that in this big ‘ole beautiful world, time is a precious commodity, and you’d rather dedicate that time to areas of your business that spark joy.


You’re not about cutting corners to find the cheapest, quickest or easiest way to the top, because you understand there’s beauty in the destination and the journey.


You’re a trailblazing individualist that proudly marches to the beat of your own drum, but you’re also not too proud to ask for help on your journey to the summit.

My favorite national park – and other fun facts about me

My role model
Reggie Rocket – the girl who made being interested in traditionally ‘boy’ sports look effortlessly cool and achievable for young Ash.
My favorite piece of hiking gear
My GSI Spice Rocket – Because no overnight backpacking trip would be complete without adding a dash of cayenne pepper to my mac ‘n cheese dinner. Yum!
My number one post-trail craving
Serve me up a slice of Baked Potato Pizza from DaVinci Pizza with a big ole’ heaping side of mixed greens tossed in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing and I’m basically halfway to heaven.
My favorite music artist that inspires all the outdoor feels
Lord Huron. Go listen to Long Lost and tell me you don’t have a sudden urge to go frolicking in a mountain meadow. I dare you.
My favorite National Park
Joshua Tree. They say your first national park is like your first love. 

Trusted by these brands to guide them to their summit

Ash is the Instagram professional you need for your business.

 I needed help managing an Instagram presence for not one but two brands. Ash stepped in with an impressive social media roadmap to better define our goals and how to best meet them using an intuitive organic strategy. The results spoke volumes: increased engagement, impressions, reach, and clickthrough rates across the board. I highly recommend Ash for her A+ social media services!


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You have mountains to climb

Ready to start your adventure?

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